Building a Storage Shed in Your Backyard Requires a Good Set of Plans

So you are thinking about building a storage shed in your backyard? Congratulations! Your decision will save you thousands of dollars in the coming years and will keep your private stuff off of a future episode of Storage Wars. It would be wise to pick up a set of backyard storage shed plans.

Whether you are a skilled carpenter, barely remember woodshop from high school, or a complete novice, one thing you will need is a good set of plans. A good set of plans will ensure that you save money on supplies, get it done quickly, and end up with something that will last for years.

No matter how good you think you are, it is far too easy to buy the wrong materials, take the wrong kinds of measurements, and fail to plan for adequate ventilation, insulation, and avoiding rot. There are tons of books and magazines devoted to DIY sheds, and you might find one that sort of meets your needs. But most of these guides seem to be written for the entertainment of armchair wannabe woodworkers. If you actually try to follow these plans, you find yourself with a lot of unanswered questions. If you are lucky, you muddle through and figure stuff out along the way, but the process is anything but fun or easy:

I know a shed is supposed to be a practical thing, but does the building process have to be this confusing and painful? Building a shed CAN be an enjoyable hobby, perfect for “me time” or a fun weekend project for the whole family. Why not get a set of plans that are so detailed each and every step of the way, so clearly written, so well illustrated, and so complete that building your shed is a relaxing and fun experience? Plans like this DO exist, but you won’t find them next to the cash register at your local building supply store. The glossy photos on the cover of those “plans” are just there to get you to part with your money on an impulse purchase. They are selling you a dream, and will not give you what you need for a successful project. Don’t waste your money. Don’t settle for anything less than the best that’s out there.

Better yet, why not get dozens of plans? After all, you want to be able to choose a plan that fits your needs, your tastes, and your budget. Don’t spend your money on one generic plan. Most plans that are worth the money will include several options.

But why stop at building just a shed? You will have such a positive experience building your first shed, that you will quickly be looking for the next project. The possibilities are endless. How about a bench? A dog house that matches your house? A playhouse that will become a potting shed when the kids grow up? The same quality plans for building your backyard storage shed are also available for THOUSANDS of woodworking projects both inside and outside the home.

Think about benefits. Is your home too small? No money to move? Think about how much happier you will be on your existing property when you have moved the holiday decorations, off-season clothing and gear, and random clutter into a storage shed. Not only that, but every member of the family can benefit from a quality outbuilding or other outside addition. It’s like adding a room or several rooms to your existing house!

The possibilities and the joys are endless. Why wait? You could be starting on an exciting project this weekend!


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